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In this section, you’ll find critical college and career preparation resources for Shasta County students and parents.


The Shasta Promise, in partnership with the North State Promise

First, the good news. If you’re a student or someone who cares about one, you should know that attending a Shasta County school gives you something special: A promise that you can go to college, and you can afford it.

The Shasta Promise, in partnership with the North State Promise, takes the guesswork out of attending any of the six universities and colleges that have signed on. They are:

  • CSU Chico
  • Southern Oregon University
  • Simpson University
  • Shasta College
  • College of the Siskiyous
  • National University

Find an Internship

Gain real-world experience and explore your future career. We can help you locate local employers who are looking for interns in a variety of fields who are juniors in high school and above.

College: Things to consider

There are many options beyond high school. Four-year college, community college, career training, military service. Most important is to have a plan and know where it will take you.

Here are a few things to keep in mind:



Preparing yourself/your student for success

Here’s what you need to know at every step on the path through school to college and career readiness.


  • Enroll your child in preschool
  • Teach your child to read early on
  • Watch educational programming with your child (after age 2)
  • Begin healthy routines (eating habits, exercise) with your young child
  • Encourage interpersonal relationships with other children of the same age
  • Determine strengths and areas of interests through children’s imaginations and desires


  • 3rd grade literacy is a strong indicator of future academic performance
  • Encourage children to explore interests
  • Help children to commit to a desired career by 8th grade. Even if the child switches interests in high school, those who choose one emphasis by 8th grade routinely perform better in academic settings.
  • Prepare for algebra by 8th grade for success in high school coursework


  • High school is a chance for students to grow socially, emotionally and academically
  • Encourage your child to take classes specifically designed to help your student move toward their career goal
  • Have conversations with your child’s counselor to ensure they are taking the right classes
  • Helping them stay focused on their long-term goals during their high school years is paramount to their success
  • Positive reinforcement and support go a long way
  • Look to local resources such as College OPTIONS for information on applications, grants, scholarships & more


  • Around 30% of all college freshmen are required to take remedial classes just to get up to speed
  • Nearly as many students drop out the first year of college & many never return to finish
  • Encourage your child to seek out internship opportunities to learn more about their desired career setting
  • Encourage your child to start developing a network of people who would be good to know in a professional setting


The big deal about “A to G”

In order to be eligible to attend any school in the University of California (UC) or the California State University (CSU) systems as a freshman, students must take certain classes in high school. These classes are known as the “A to G Subjects”:

  1. 2 Years History/Social Science
  2. 4 Years English
  3. 3 Years Math
  4. 2 Years Laboratory Science
  5. 2 Years Foreign Language
  6. 1 Year Visual/Performing Arts
  7. 1 Year CP Elective


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