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Implementing the Common Core Standards will require all students in Shasta County to take an Integrated Math course in 9th Grade, 10th Grade, and 11th Grade. At the end of 11th Grade, all students will be required to take a comprehensive assessment incorporating what they have learned over the last three years. This sequence of Integrated Math courses will meet the standards for the high school diploma and satisfy the college entrance expectations (known as A-G in California) that are required for students wishing to attend a four-year public university in California.

The transition to Common Core and introduction of the Integrated Math Pathway will lead to many exciting opportunities for math instruction and enrichment in your child’s senior year of high school.

Common Core math pathways will prepare students for Pre-Calculus, Advanced Placement Statistics, AP Calculus or a dual enrolled community college course in their senior year.

Why take math in the senior year?

  1. Time and Money – Students who do not take a math course in their senior year are significantly more likely to need a remedial course upon entrance into college. A remedial course in college will cost you money (for the course and books) and time (for each additional semester required). If your student successfully completes AP Statistics, AP Calculus and/or dual enrolled math courses in high school, they can earn credits toward their college degree.
  2. College Admissions – If your child is planning to go to college, it is important to maintain focus in the last year of high school. College admissions offices check to make sure students are maintaining rigorous courses through high school graduation. Taking senior math courses can increase students opportunities for scholarship application.
  3. Enrichment – Senior level courses will ensure that your student’s math skills stay strong while exposing them to a variety of different career options. These courses also make math relevant for students and can lead to increased understanding of math and its uses in every day life.
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